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Blog up and running (... and what to expect from it)

So it's official - I'm a blogger. Nothing big, nothing fancy - just a plain ol' blogger. The first (and maybe the only) question you have is: "Why?". Well, here's my thoughts about this written section: - It's a place where I can show you my POV and hopefully inspire or at least shed some light of parts of being a (part time) surf photographer here in the Arctic and in the world in general. While Instagram and Facebook are great channels for instant feedback and acknowledge, they're still coming short on creating depth and insight on what goes on behind the curtains. - See the photos that don't make the Instagram cut, which are thousands of photos every month. That being said, I'm not going to post thousands of photos every month, but the blog should be a place where I can do monthly recaps updates on life up north.

- It's great for business and there's no need to be hiding it. Again, Instagram and Facebook are great for the instant sharing, but the blog is a platform where I can shed some light on brands and people that deserve it and launch new ideas, trips and other newcomings without spamming you on the social media channel you love the most.

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